May 30th, 2008, 4:07 am

Moving the archive and coming along nicely

Update on the update front.

Because of the shiney new comic relaunch the archive is being moved to what was the filler archive, which has no been renamed version 1.0, because this corner of the site is now an arcive for what came before the current version of Gilbert and Grim, version two.

At the moment there are a few of the old comics left up, but by the end of the day they too will have been transfered to the version 1.0 archive.

Also a new banner will be appearing soon, which is nice.
I'm tired.
I'm getting a drink of tea.
That is all.

Edit: I have had tea and refreshed I decided to continue the task of moving the old comics. The job was tiring and so more tea is needed.

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