March 21st, 2007, 8:22 pm

Update about updates

I posted this on the forums, but for everyone who doesn't browse them:

Just a note to say due to the weekend being a little on the wonky side I missed an update and on Monday I started a two week course and my time managment has basically gone to pot even more than usual.

I was aiming for an update yesterday. That just didn't happen so I was aiming for tonight and I made a horrible mistake. I'm going to takemy pens and some paper in with me to the course tomorow (today) to redo the bit that needs to be redone so I can scan it as soon as I get in.

Then I can clean it up and colour it and get it online.

Saturday's update probably won't appear to very late Saturday or sometime Sunday. I know I could update on time if I just went back to cut and paste style comics for a bit, but the new way is just a lot more satisfying to be honest even if it does take longer.

Sorry to keep messing people round.

Anyway, I need sleep now.

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