4:18 - No Rest Pt.3

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wendy w, May 30th, 2009, 4:07 pm

Not Comic 100 First up, apologies for the missed update yesterday. Our router sort of died, or at least was in the process of dying a slow and painful death.

Between helping Jess hunt for a replacement and preparing for something that will remain half secret for now (Yes. I'm a tease.) I managed to miss the Friday update and didn't manage to finish off this comic until, oh, about twenty minutes before writing this, so instead I'm posting a comic today, but today's update comes at a price.

What's this price. No comic tomorrow. There's just no way I can get two full pages done this weekend and I thought as I'd missed Friday I'd post one in the middle of the two update days. There's logic there I assure you.

Anyway, as for the comment title. It's true. This is not comic 100. It's comic 98. The archive says 100 but there are two pages in the archive which are just images and not really comics of any description. I'm counting anything with "Interlude" in the title, because they're comics, just single panel ones and other single panel comics count. Interludes are just pages that don't fit into the current continuity for where they're put. I still like them though.

Anyway... I think I'm rambling now, so I'll leave you now to get on with whatever it is you need to get on with and if you're reading this more than three days into the future then I hope that will be reading the next page.

Anyway, no more rambling.

More comics on Tuesday and then Friday, which will be comic 100!

Go me! ^_^

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