2:23 - Meeting with the Mayor Pt2

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wendy w, October 29th, 2008, 8:41 pm

On Tuesday I asked you, my readers, to guess what the comic was referencing and in return get me to draw whatever you like (within reason). Charlie got the answer right. It was Monty Python's Flying Circus and he requested John Cleese.

Click here to see my attempt at Charlie's request.

Jess (fornowiamnothing) supplied the background image, because she's great.

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tbowl, October 30th, 2008, 8:42 pm

hihi Well there was a Star Trek Next Gen episode where Scotty got trapped in a transporter and then got released, and was explaining to Geordi that that's how he always got the engineering repairs done when Kirk wanted them... By like tripling the time, then Kirk would 1/3rd the time, yadda yadda. It was classic!

Great comic btw. and great ep. :D And the John Cleese looks awesome!

tbowl, November 2nd, 2008, 11:06 am

:( Hehe I guess you were referring to something and didn't realize it. I guess I should read more carefully and wait to say that you are referring to something before I start guessing stuff. :>

wendy w, November 2nd, 2008, 2:49 pm

Aww, sorry no.
I thought you were just making an observation.

Tell you what, if you want I'll pretend it was a challenge and you can still request something. The actual challenge pieces will have to take priority though, but I can still do something.

tbowl, November 2nd, 2008, 10:14 pm

hihi nope I was all excited cuz interactive comics are fun and I love hiding things in my comics too and it is so so so fun when people say things so I thought it would be fun!! and it is fun! I hide *tooons* of things in my comics.

Erm anyway I've been a fan of your comic ever since I can remember, and I've always wanted to know what it'd look like if you drew Future Paladin. Would you draw him for me? :) I don't know if you're a fan of my comic or not, but please draw him however you want and whichever one you want (cuz i draw him diff ways depending on my mood hehe) but just draw him? It'd be so sweet!!!

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